Hear A New Odd Future Song (A Real One This Time)

    The last time Odd Future promised us a new track, we got five minutes of Tyler, The Creator pretending to Lil B and threatening to shoot people in the dick. And while that’s okay, and Tyler’s got to get his ya-ya’s out somehow, it’s definitely a bummer that he strung half the Internet along with him just so we could, again, get a song about shooting somebody in the dick.

    So. Back to the Internet. It’s a collaborative project between Syd Tha Kid, heretofore the crew’s engineer and sometimes a producer, and Matt Martians, one of the dudes behind The Super 3. Their debut track is called “Love Song -1,” and we’ll admit it’s pretty fantastic. It’s got a palpable Baduizm vibe to it, between the quiet storm keyboards and Syd’s jazzy delivery. Matt’s pittering hi-hats (between Left Brain and Tyler’s production, this has become sort of an OF trope) are about the closest thing to anything remotely Odd Future-y about this one and a half minute track. We will say that, between their group name and the song title, that the Internet is basically ungoogleable, which is nice and iconoclastic in a distinct OFWGKTA way.

    Go download it here and stream it below.