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Health talk about new album, <i>Get Color</i>

In an interview with Drowned in Sound, Health member John Famiglietti revealed that the band is currently in the process of recording their sophomore album, which they hope to title Get Color:


What can you tell us about the direction the new songs are going in?


I think a universal trend is that all the new songs are longer and feature more repetition. Several tracks are very groove based. There will be a few surprises - we bought a lot of new equipment!


Where did the album's title come from?


We stole it from a craft TV show. We were trying to find a new rock slogan.


In the interview Famiglietti also talks about how the band is changing its recording techniques (they’re recording right onto 2-inch tape), and that the album should be out next summer. To read the full interview, go here.


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cheers for the link


I check DiS daily actually.

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I can't wait: using tape to get the sound "brutal"....yeah.

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