Head Music Guy At Myspace: “With Low Expectations Comes A Lot Of Freedom”

    Scott Vener, the new head of music at Myspace—and former music supervisor for shows like Entourage and How To Make It In Americarecently chatted with Wired about plans for the new and improved Myspace‘s music offerings. What can we expect? A simple design, a “persistent music player” that lets you consume and create new playlists while doing other things, better recommendations and insights, and Myspace’s already-deep music and video catalogs. Oh, and the Top 8 will be back, too.

    Vener seems to be aware of public misgivings about the former music and social networking colossus, but his attitude is totally relaxed: “We all know this is expected to fail. With those low expectations comes a lot of freedom. Cool is what happens when you get creative and have nothing to lose.” And for a guy who was handpicked by Justin Timberlake to head up the music department and gets paid to “wake up at noon, go to bed at 4 a.m. and listen to music all day,” ‘cool’ doesn’t seem like much of a problem. [The Daily Swarm]