Harold & Kumar Christmas Movie Almost About Eazy-E’s Weed

    To celebrate the release of the latest Harold & Kumar installment, the folks at New York Mag‘s Vulture reached out to the film’s screenwriters to provide some background on the project. And in explaining why they chose to make it a Christmas-themed film, they revealed that it was really close to being about a long-lost stash of weed owned by none other than the late Eazy-E.

    Pretty absurd premise, right? Well, it was. But it apparently wasn’t too crazy for the producers or anyone else involved in the franchise. The only thing holding them back was getting to the rights to use Eazy-E’s name and likeness, which proved difficult. So they began working on A Very Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas in 2009 instead. Sigh. Read a snippet from the article below and peep the whole thing at Vulture. [The Daily Swarm]

    So we pitched them our second concept, Harold & Kumar and the Legend of Eazy-E’s Stash. In this movie, Harold and Kumar find out about an amazing bag of weed that once belonged to Eazy-E in the early nineties. Before he died, Eazy and one of his top hoes hid the bag somewhere in the United States and left clues to its whereabouts within famous rap lyrics. (Kinda like the dollar bill in National Treasure.)

    Believe it or not, our producers loved the Eazy-E idea and told us to go work on it. We actually spent a couple days thinking about it. One can only imagine what that script would have looked like …

    Alas, it turned out that the logistics of getting the rights to Eazy-E’s estate were more challenging than distributing a holiday film. So we stopped working on the Eazy idea in favor of A Very Harold & Kumar Christmas.