Harley Flanagan Claims He Stabbed His Bandmates In Self-Defense


    When you sprint into a club with hunting knife and then proceed to stab your former buddies in the face, you’re kind of ruling out “self-defense” as an excuse for yourself. But that’s what Harley Flanagan and his attorney are trying to claim now that the former Cro-Mags bassist has been arrested for violently freaking out all over the band he once formed. Flanagan was supposed to have been barred from the Cro-Mags’s Webster Hall performance altogether and several eyewitnesses have reported that he was clearly wielding a hunting knife, so I’m not really sure how that “not guilty” plea is going to fly. It’s a little tricky to say you weren’t the aggressor when you were the only one with a weapon. We’ll see how that one works out.