Happy Mondays Confirm New Album Sessions

    Remember those crazy, drug addled, post-punk Mancunians during the second half of 24 Hour Party People? Well, they’re back. The Happy Mondays confirmed to NME that they are going to be recorded their first album with the original band members since 1992’s Yes Please!.

    Manager Warren Askew said: “Yes, we are now planning to record a new album, after the success of the tour and with the band all getting on so well. Shaun has been writing and the band have been getting together in the studio putting ideas down. I’m sure it will be a great Happy Mondays album.”

    Rumors began to surface about the album after Shaun Ryder told the Daily Star: “At first there was no chance of the original line-up doing another album and then it went to maybe and now it’s definitely gonna happen.”

    In January the band announced they were reuniting for a May tour. It looks like that tour went well enough to put old grudges aside, at least for the time being.