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Happy Monday's Bez Is A Wanted Man

Happy Mondays' dancer Bez is known for his upstanding position in his community, his stability, and his staunch refusal to try any illicit substances. Oh wait, I was thinking of someone else.


Bez, the Happy Mondays' dancer, is wanted in England for breaking a restraining order by repeatedly calling and texting a woman he spent four weeks in jail for beating earlier this year. I'm sure Bez is just out working on his charities and being a stable person right now, waiting for police to find him. Oh wait, I was thinking of someone else. That dude is probably doing something crazy right now. [NME]

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Happy Mondays

Who'd've thought that someone who made a living eating Ecstasy and dancing on stage while totally off his tits would end up like this?

/site_media/uploads/images/users/Kali/Jumble 030_2.jpg Kali

bez man sort it out your furked m8 she gone to old bill now you will get 4 mths this time. forget bout her now m8 i sheet you not you will get 4years just for harrassment!! guilty or not you cant help anyone from jail bro you will get 4 mths now then next time 8 then 4 years

seamus..ibiza 2005

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