Happy Mondays Announce (Another) Reunion

    Now that the Stone Roses have reunited, it’s time for the other titan of the late ’80s Madchester scene to reunite: Happy Mondays have announced plans to reunite with their original lineup this year for a U.K. tour, and possible additional dates in Europe and the U.S. too. 

    If you’re keeping score at home, this is something like the fifth Happy Mondays “reunion,” as the group has gotten back together a couple times since their original drug-fueled dissolutions in the early ’90s. The group put out a new album in 2007, and toured as recently as 2010, but it was mostly just frontman Shaun Ryder and his brother Paul touring with Paul’s son. Apparently, this time, it’s going to be the original lineup. And once again, Happy Mondays ride with Stone Roses to semi-fame. [NME]