Hammer Finally Decides to Hurt Us: Gives Behind The Scenes Look at Concert With Vanilla Ice

    It can’t be easy to be MC Hammer. First off, everybody knows that he lost all of his money and presumably his collection of awesome pants. Secondly, he now has to acknowledge this fact on national television occasionally, as when Kathie Lee Gifford asked him some pretty pointed questions last week on Today. Perhaps the worst, though, is trying to make his way, a la the Dukes, any way that he knows how. This includes a concert he played last year in the hip-hop hotbed of Orem, Utah with Vanilla Ice. While it’s nice to think that Hammer is making a little bank for his family, it would be nicer if he could maybe get something a little more low-key to supplement the church work. How does he reconcile “Pumps and a Bump?” The concert will be featured on the upcoming season of Hammer’s reality show, which on the A&E network on Sundays. [Contact Music]