Gwyneth Paltrow Recording Version Of “Fuck You” With Cee-Lo

    The over-exposure of Cee-Lo has finally reached its inevitable and tragic conclusion: a duet with actress Gwyneth Paltrow. According to People Magazine, which apparently covers Cee-Lo now, the two spent a few days in a New York recording studio earlier this week, pushing out a revamped version of “Fuck You.” “She sings like a natural,” he described.

    This is not the first time Mrs. Coldplay has ventured into the musical realm. She sings the title track to the movie Country Strong, in which she also plays the main character, and sang a SFW version of “Fuck You” on Glee back in November.

    Paltrow hosts Saturday Night Live on Jan. 15 when Cee-Lo is set to perform, so get ready for the off chance that the unlikely pair debut the fruits of their labor then.



    [People via Daily Swarm]