Guy Still Suing Bon Jovi for $400 Billion

    A Boston man has decided to appeal a judge’s ruling, opting to continue his $400 billion lawsuit against Bon Jovi and Major League Baseball. Samuel Steele claims Bon Jovi stole his “(Man I Really) Love This Team” to create “I Love This Team,” a song that appeared a lot during the 2007 World Series. Steele Claims Bon Jovi heard the song in 2004, when it became something of a regional hit, and stole his joint.


    But at a trial to determine whether or not the lawsuit could continue, Steele’s own musicologist claimed the songs aren’t alike. A judge ruled that the case should be thrown out, but Steele is still fighting, going to the Court of Appeals.


    Dude, just scale back your asking price a bit, and maybe you can get a settlement. Go down to like $34, and maybe JBJ will throw you some paper. [Reuters]