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Guru's Nephew Details Conflict Behind Guru's Hospitalization



Justin Nicholas-Elam Ruff, nephew of renowned Gang Starr emcee and recently hospitalized Guru, has taken to YouTube to provide an update on Guru's health and denounce the heavy-handed information management of Solar, Guru's producer.  


According to Ruff, since Guru's hospitalization Solar has withheld information regarding Guru's health from his family, and has locked them out from giving any input on medical decisions related to Guru's condition. Ruff accuses Solar of attempting to control the flow of information in order to serve his own interests at the expense of Guru's family. The message is an emotional one, and Ruff levies some fairly serious charges Solar's way; at the time of posting Solar had not yet responded to Ruff's accusations. [DJ Premier's blog]


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This whole thing is crazy and sad.

/site_media/uploads/images/users/daba/me-bermudajpg.jpg Daba

"GURU" did not want his family alerted..

he assigned a healthcare proxy..that means he
"IN NO uncertain terms" DID NOT want his family making decisions,

whatever his issues with his family are, he made a decision to NOT have them involved..

that's GURU's decision...not Solar's..

"Trish started this??" that sounds like toxic family members that GURU decided to get OUT of his life...

just because the word "FAMILY' is in there doesn't change the FACT that GURU PERSONALLY assigned a proxy...


so all the "uproar:" is for nothing GURU is a grown man and he made a decision not to be involved with his family..

notice the "nephew" didn't allude to how long GURU has NOT been in touch with these same "family" members..
Solar is someone guru has been dealing with for YEARS, HE trusts him, he felt comfortable enough to assign him to "make decisions about his well being

Guru had his reasons, and THAT'S what we need to respect..period..

I think it's wrong for the hip hop community Primo included, to jump and take sides..

I'm sure we ALL have family members that we would NEVER allow to make life or death decisions for us..

and i'm sure we ALL have friends that we WOULD allow that privilege..



rip guru

shaky aus

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