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Gunplay Explains His Beef With 50 Cent And G-Unit

Def Jam and Maybach Music rapper Gunplay's recent donnybrook at the BET Hip-Hop Awards has led to even more problems between himself and members of G-Unit, with 50 Cent possibly being Gunplay's main target. 

Gunplay recently called into TMZ Live to discuss the heated situation where he explained that he wants to "kill" the entire G-Unit crew after Saturday's altercation in Atlanta. Things got out of control according to Gunplay because he "never liked them and always wanted to kick [50 Cent's] ass." Gunplay states that he "had to fight off five dudes" who he believes to be part of 50's entourage. He claims to have "kicked one of their fat-asses... kicked them off in the dirt." At this point police stepped in and maced Gunplay in the face, attempting to end the scuffle. Gunplay didn't get the opportunity he desired to fully confront 50 Cent and "break his little fuckin' neck" because 50 was "hiding behind all the security."

Gunplay may be taking the "play" out of his name as he says, "We just goin' at it with everybody... let's go kill 'em all. If you're playin' with me, you're playin' with fire... might get gunned down, ya never know."

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