Playstation big cheese mandates controller compatability between Rock Band and Guitar Hero

    In daily controller compatibility news (I type that solely because I fear I’ll never have the opportunity to do it again), Sony has announced that the controllers for the upcoming Rock Band 2, Guitar Hero: World Tour, Sing Star and Rock Revolution will be have cross-game compatibility on the PS3. Meaning, in layman’s terms, your ridiculously huge Guitar Hero drum kit will work with Rock Band 2 on PS3 and vice versa.

    This ended a few weeks of arguing between Activision (makers of Guitar Hero) and Harmonix (makers of Rock Band) over Activision demanding royalties if Harmonix put a patch in their game that would make Guitar Hero controllers work with Rock Band (as is the case on Xbox 360). Sony stepped in and said if you want to sell the games on their system, the controllers have to work on every game.

    This kind of system-wide compatibility is unheard of, and Sony really played hardball with the makers of two of its biggest sellers.  [Gizmodo]