Guitar Hero: Metallica on the way? Will the game feature tragic bus crashes?

    Guitar Hero:  Aerosmith may be hitting stores this month (June 29 to be exact), but Activision is already targeting a new band for their own version of the game: Metallica.

    There is no official confirmation yet, but on Metallica’s website, it says, “Let’s just say that perhaps, just maybe, if you’ve already mastered "One" on (Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock), there might be a pile of ‘Tallica songs in your future. More details later this summer…"

    The game will reportedly come out after Guitar Hero 4, which as you probably already know, will feature more than just guitar (hey, just like Rock Band). Since that game isn’t due out until Christmas, expect the Metallica iteration to come out sometime early next year.

    So prepare to dust off your jean jacket and bust open a bottle of Fleischmann’s Vodka, because you’ll be playing “Ride the Lightning” in your underwear soon enough.  [Reuters]