Guided By Voices Tribute Album In The Works

    The Guided By Voices split was one of the briefest in recent memory, and Robert Pollard frequently poured scorn of a reunion during those wilderness years for the band. But the group is back in action after playing the Matador celebrations in Las Vegas, and a tribute album to Pollard’s outfit is now being planned.


    The record will be released at some point in 2011, and includes an impressive lineup of artists, who will all cover Guided By Voices songs. The Flaming Lips will offer a cover of “Smothered In Hugs,” Thurston Moore has contributed a version of “Stabbing a Star,” and James Husband of Of Montreal has reworked “Buzzards and Dreadful Crows.”


    The full track listing looks like this:


    ‘Smothered In Hugs’ (The Flaming Lips)

    ‘Goldheart Mountaintop Queen Directory’ (Western Civ)

    ‘My Valuable Hunting Knife’ (Western Civ)

    ‘Gleemer’ (Cymbals Eat Guitars)

    ‘Echos Myron’ (Sorry About Dresden)

    ‘Everywhere With Helicopter’ (Jason Isbell And The 400 Unit)

    ‘Tractor Rape Chain’ (Crooked Fingers)

    ‘Man Called Aerodynamics’ (Elf Power)

    ‘I Am Produced’ (I Was Totally Destroying It)

    ‘I Am A Tree’ (The Pneurotics)

    ‘Watch Me Jumpstart’ (La Sera – Katy Goodman From Vivian Girls)

    ‘Scalding Creek’ (Kelley Deal With Buffalo Killers)

    ‘Hot Freaks’ (Blitzen Trapper)

    ‘A Salty Salute’ (Superdrag)

    ‘How Loft Am I’ (David Kilgour)

    ‘Stabbing A Star’ (Thurston Moore)

    ‘Buzzards And Dreadful Crows’ (James Husband From Of Montreal)

    ‘TBA’ (Twin Tigers)


    Digital-Only EP


    ‘Little Lines’ (Marie Stella)

    ‘Weedking’ (Free Electric State)

    ‘Gold Star For Robot Boy’ (Mass Solo Revolt)

    ‘Quality Of Armor’ (Gregg Yeti)


    [via NME]