Guided By Voices To Reunite For Matador Event

    Matador Records is doing it big for their 21st birthday, putting on an already epic three day show at Las Vegas’ Palms Resort and Casino, with more artists to be announced on July 5th.

    However, they’ve already let a pretty big cat out of the bag. Appropriately, seeing as how 21 is the legal drinking age here in America, legendary onstage drinkers Guided By Voices will be playing the event. Robert Pollard himself posted the news on his website yesterday, promising the reunion of the “classic ’93-’96” lineup, without specifying who that includes. Matador confirmed the news today, in addition to revealing a great deal of the incredibly stacked lineup.


    No word as to whether or not this reunion will lead to more shows or albums like it has with nearly every other big band to reunite these days, but still thrilling news nonetheless. [Pitchfork]