Guided By Voices Title Third LP Of 2012, Detail ‘Class Clown Spots A UFO’

    So, yeah, Guided by Voices are on some kick. After dropping Let’s Go Eat the Factory at the outset of January, GBV announced the Class Clown Spots a UFO full-length to drop June 12. And now, Robert Pollard and company are also promising the November release of their third LP of 2012 (!) and 19th overall, Bears for Lunch.

    Details on Bears are sparse at the moment, but GBV has released a few new details on Class Clown. That second LP is set to include 21 tracks to be released by Fire Records. Following the previously released “Keep It in Motion,” two more singles from the album are set to be released in the coming month: “Joan of Arc” as part of this Saturday’s Record Store Day, and the title track on May 15.