Gucci Mane’s Traphouse III: A Buyer’s Guide


    Gucci Mane hasn’t released a solo studio album since 2010’s The Appeal: Georgia’s Most Wanted, but at any moment (we thought it was yesterday) his eighth is slated to be unleashed upon the unsuspecting iTunes public.  Perhaps it would be more accurate to say that the public is suspecting; we’ve heard six new songs since Guwop got out of jail about two-and-a-half weeks ago, several of which are confirmed Traphouse III tracks. Here are the songs from the album that are available already:

    “Darker” (feat. Chief Keef)

    “Diamonds dancing on my wrist, you dancing with the star/Gucci Mane so geeked up, he don’t care you light or dark, ho/I just paid 300 ’cause didn’t have nowhere to park, ho/If Gucci Mane just bought it, why the fuck he paint it darker?”

    Perhaps the most high-profile of the leaks, “Darker” was released directly following the formation of Keef’s alliance with Brick Squad, the purported “1017 Glo Gang.” Gucci’s second verse on this is incomparable; at least, we’ll all be able to agree that it’s bizarre. The energy level is unexpected, as is the rhythmic complexity of the flow.  Keef’s verse sounds a lot like Keef trying to sound like Gucci on this one, but he carries it off well. 

    “Use Me” (feat. 2 Chainz)

    I love this hook- gently and tonelessly sung in Gucci’s cracked high register. The string glissandos and the frequent breaks in the beat add pathos to the Honorable C-Note production. Also, there’s nice work from Chainz.

    “Trap House 3” (feat. Rick Ross)


    The title track creeps along, or plods. It features a vocal sample that’s distorted to the point of sounding like the goofy “choir” setting on your bargain-bin family keyboard. It’s then mixed with some John Carpenter-esque synth piano and the goofy string orchestra setting on your bargain-bin family keyboard. Gucci is in whisper mode and rarely feels any pressure to rap through a full measure. This probably makes Ross feel at home; he’s typically spare, and sounds exposed in the pronounced absence of reverb. It’s an absurd verse but it’s more appealing than his usual softshoe. I like the song.

    “Nothin on Ya” (feat. Wiz Khalifa)

    This one debuted earlier this year on career-highlight tape Trap God 2. In my opinion, it’s one of the weakest tracks on that release due to the awkward Auto-Tune, the grating hook and the unfortunate presence of Wiz Khalifa. However, it’s been a club hit, and LaFlare clearly sees the potential for some pop crossover.

    Hopefully, these hors d’ouevres will help you decide whether or not you’re going to shell out for Gucci’s newest. For my part, the variety demonstrated by these songs  makes me curious to hear the rest of  the record, whenever it does drop:

    Finally, just for fun, a rundown of the other post-prison leaks we’ve heard from Gucci- if you don’t get TH3, at least get excited about the next free tape:

    “Guwop” (feat. Trinidad James)

    From another upcoming release, the Trap God 3 mixtape.

    “Birds of a Feather”

    Probably just a stand-alone diss track. Venomous and enjoyable. Gucci doesn’t care for T.I., Young Jeezy and Yo Gotti. Also, we learn that Project Pat’s his favorite rapper!

    “Break Dance” (feat. Young Thug)

    These are probably the last two guys who should be doing a song about break dancing, but Young Thug turns in some fun tongues-speaking that sounds like it was recorded straight off speaker phone. This is the newest Gucci track.