Gucci Mane’s Request For Early Release Turned Down, Hit With Civil Suit

    A week and a half ago, there were reports hitting the Internet that Gucci Mane had gotten out of prison (for the 100th time), having finished his sentence for battery early. However, Gucci was still in jail. But, late last week, Gucci actually had a hearing about whether or not he can get out early: He was seeking an early release, citing his good behavior behind bars. Gucci had hoped the judge would let him out early, as he volunteered to do a benefit concert for the Dekalb County Battered Women’s Shelter. However, the judge denied his request (being that Gucci battered a woman, and that’s why he’s in jail).

    However, that’s not all for Gucci: The woman he threw out of a car is suing him in a civil case. She is seeking unspecified damages, and probably won’t have a problem making her case. [Vibe