Gucci Mane Out Of Jail

    Most of us assumed Gucci Mane was out of jail on Wednesday when he released his new mixtape, Writings On The Wall 2. But it turned out that he wasn’t done serving his sentence just yet. Also, it appeared that he might be in the clink for an extended period of time following reports by MTV’s RapFix. Rumors of his release were then silenced for the next day or so.


    Then, earlier today, the folks at XXL took it upon themselves to contact Gucci’s lawyer, who reported that his client is indeed no longer in jail. Shortly after that, the rapper took to his Twitter account to let his followers know about his freedom:

    I’m back bitch gucci back bitch did u miss me or miss my raps bitch. Tonight my welcome home party is at Club Fathom 412 Market st Chattanooga TN, don’t miss it brrr (sic).

    Thanks, Gucci, now just try to stay out of trouble like you have been promising. Also, anyone in the area of Club Fathom should hit up his party and let us know how it was. Seriously.