Gruff Rhys Collaborates With Phil Collins (No, Not That One)

    Gruff Rhys’ Hotel Shampoo is his most accomplished solo album to date, and comes close to mimicking the kind of eclecticism we’ve become accustomed to via his work with Super Furry Animals. Now the singer has announced the release of a collaborative single that stemmed from his work with Berlin-based artist Phil Collins.

    Sadly, it’s not a joint effort with the other Phil Collins (the mind boggles as to how that would sound). Instead Rhys worked with the artist on a short film titled The Meaning of Style, producing a soundtrack song titled “Y Baban Bach” that will be available as a limited edition single on the singer’s forthcoming U.K. tour.

    Anyone hoping to see the film the pair worked on may have a considerable wait—the only public showings scheduled so far are at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Tokyo from Sept. 23 through Jan. 9. It’s a safe bet that “Y Baban Bach” will leak online shortly after Rhys begins the tour in his native Wales in early October.