Grooveshark Says Digital Music News Conspiring Against It With Universal Music Group

    As music sites like MegaUpload and FileSonic get shut down but the government, Grooveshark continues its fight against a lawsuit brought by Universal Music Group, alleging that Grooveshark knowingly put up copyrighted material in hopes that deals with labels would happen eventually. 

    The lawsuit took a weird turn late last week, as Grooveshark subpoened music news site Digital Music News, after a commenter wrote that he knew for sure that Grooveshark was putting up music that was copyrighted back in October. Universal named the commenter as a key piece of evidence-the commenter was allegedly a Grooveshark employee–but Digital Music News said on Friday they won’t give them up. Read more here.

    Yesterday, Grooveshark officially responded to DMN refusing to give up their commenter, saying that Digital Music News is “conspiring” with Universal Music Group, that if DMN won’t name their commenter, Universal Music Group and DMN are clearly working together. 

    “If UMG is going to make an anonymous comment a key piece of evidence, I’m surprised [UMG executives] don’t want to know who it is,” Geller emailed the PHO List, an invite-only, email-based list of rather impassioned industry executives. “You’ll notice the subpoena also demands details of the relationship UMG had with DMN, which we believe to be nefarious.”

    Being accused of partnering with a label to help take down a music site? This has taken a weirder turn than MegaUpload, which has a founder who is the best Modern Warfare 3 player on earth. Read more at Digital Music News.