Grinderman Announce Split At Australian Festival

    It looks like Nick Cave has reached the end of the line with his Grinderman project. The band was a wonderfully sweat-soaked half step back to the singer’s roots in the Birthday Party, providing a much needed break from the more studied moves of the Bad Seeds. But an appearance by the band at an Australian festival appears to be the last show they will play.

    “That’s it for Grinderman. It’s over,” Cave said from the stage of the Meredith Music Festival in Victoria, before adding: “See you all in another ten years when we’ll be even older and uglier.” According to the Quietus, Grinderman was entertaining 12,000 fans at the time, so it’s not a bad way to go out.

    Presumably this will mark a full-time return to the Bad Seeds for Cave and his Grinderman cohorts, and it will be fascinating to see how their work in one group informs the other. The concept of the Bad Seeds returning as a sort of hybrid of the two bands is certainly an appealing idea, although it’s just as likely that Cave, Jin Sclavunos, Warren Ellis and Martin Casey will spin off in an entirely different direction.