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Great Lake Swimmers take a dip in 'Lost Channels' next spring

Great Lake Swimmers take a dip in 'Lost Channels' next spring

Purveyors of the pastoral and folksy, Great Lake Swimmers have announced Lost Channels, the follow-up to their 2007 LP, Ongiara.

The band was inspired by the Thousand Islands region of Ontario, and decided to record at a location off the St. Lawrence River. In case you were wondering, the "lost channel" is a passage of water where a number of mysterious disappearances occurred during a battle in 1760.

The band is scheduled to begin a North American tour next year, sometime in March and continuing through April, to support the release, scheduled for Mar. 31.


Lost Channels



Everything Is Moving So Fast

Pulling On a Line

Concrete Heart

She Comes to Me In Dreams

The Chorus In the Underground

Singer Castle Bells

Stealing Tomorrow


New Light

Riverå's Edge

Unison Falling Into Harmony

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