Grateful Dead sneaks set to hit stores, Cobain and Doors to follow

    Converse has released pictures of its 2008 fall footwear collection, which usually doesn’t register as news in music world. This year, however, marks the release of the official Grateful Dead sneakers. The otherwise standard Chucks replace the star with the band’s familiar deadhead logo. While much has already been made of the upcoming Kurt Cobain edition, Converse will also release sneakers that commemorate the Doors to round out their "rock" line. Amidst the squeals of joy from those who want to identify head to toe with their favorite band and the cries of "sell out" from the other side of the street, a creepy fact has seemed to pass under the radar: Every shoe in this collection represents a band whose musical conscience died early, leaving the more financially savvy members to mind the store. Could an INXS edition be next? [The Daily Swarm]