Grammys Cut 31 Categories Because There Was Just Too Much Variety

    I’m not going to try to make the argument that the Grammys needed 109 categories (Dear God, is it really that many?), but something about eliminating 31 categories from an awards show that already seemed homogenous tweeks me. True, elminating categories like “Best Pop Instrumental Performance” and “Best Rock Instrumental Performance” will probably streamline the bloated show, and going from eight R&B categories to four is understandable. But killing seven of the sixteen categories in the Latin field and American Roots field seems like overkill, especially since those categories are some of the few traditionally won by indie labels.


    Voting has changed to reflect the reduced number of categories, and voters are allowed to vote for more choices per category, which seems like a fair compromise in theory, though how it’ll show up in practice will be another story entirely. The Grammys have an online “Category Mapper” to see how old categories have been folded into current ones, though it’s basically just a drop-down menu that simplifies the information on this full list of the changes. [Hypebot]