Grammys Change Best New Artist Award Because Of Lady Gaga

    The Grammys’ “Best New Artist” award has seemed like one of the craziest awards for a long time: I mean, how does Imogen Heap get nominated when she had been around for years and years? And how come it’s always the biggest acts that win it?


    Seeing those concerns, the Grammy committee is changing the rules for eligibility for the award, but not in the way that would make sense: the category is being opened up to any artist that hasn’t won a Grammy (they could have been nominated), released their first album, and experienced a significant breakthrough in the awarding year. Basically, the change is coming because Lady Gaga, who some people allegedly like, wasn’t nominated because she had already been nominated for a single earlier in her career (in 2007). Call it the Lady Gaga rule. [Yahoo]