Graham Coxon Tweets About Blur Reunion

    Those rumors of a full Blur reunion this year just got a little closer to becoming a reality. Drummer Dave Rowntree has already commented that the band will “definitely” do something together in 2011, and now Graham Coxon has been tweeting about the reformation of the group.


    “Now off to see the Blur boys and have coffee and maybe switch a tape recorder on!” he wrote, according to NME (the tweet seems to have been subsequently deleted). One tweet that does remain expands on it further: “well.. we are havin a meet up… might get a guitar out… y’ know.”


    Coxon tweeted earlier this month to say he had “no idea if i am playing sxsw” this year, and added: “of course it would be a pleasure.” He’s talking about his solo act there presumably, but it indicates that he’s not adverse to making it over to these shores at some point. Now we can just dream about him bringing Blur over for some dates as well.