‘GQ’ Names Lil Wayne, Eminem & Keith Richards “Gods Of Rock”

    It looks like Lil Wayne has a reason to release a follow-up to his rock-rap album, Rebirth, after all. Along with Eminem and Keith Richards, Weezy was named a “god of rock” by the folks over at GQ magazine. And from the looks of the article, being a rock god basically means you have to sell a shitload of records and be an addict of some kind. Sounds about right, I suppose, though Em’s really never done anything all-out “rock” before. Sure there have been guitars used on the beats he’s rapped over but…

    Anyway, before the “Gods of Rock” issue hits stands, you can check out a preview of the article below. It details Eminem’s drug addiction and how it impacted his recording process. Below that, you can watch footage of the cover shoot. [MTV RapFix]

    “So I had to go in and make new songs to replace them. In my head I was pissed off: ‘Oh well. Songs leaked. F–k it. I’m just going to take a bunch of f–king pills and go in there and have a party with myself.’ I’m sure the more pills I took, the goofier I got.”

    “Look, every addict in rehab feels like everyone’s staring at them. With me? Everyone was staring at me. I could never be comfortable. There were people there that treated me normal. Then there were a bunch of f–king idiots who aren’t even concentrating on their own sobriety because they’re so worried about mine. They’re stealing my hats, my books—it was chaos. Everything was drama in there. And at the time, I didn’t really want to get clean. Everybody else wanted me to. And anyone will tell you: If you’re not ready, nothing is going to change you. Love, nothing.”

    “I came to in the hospital and I didn’t know what the f–k happened. Tubes in me and shit, f–kin’ needles in my arms. I didn’t realize I had [overdosed]. I wanted my drugs—get me the f–k outta there! I think I was clean for two weeks. I was trying so hard—I was trying to do it for my kids—but I just wasn’t ready.”