Government Raids Gibson Guitar Plant, Claims To Be Looking For Illegal Wood

    For the second time in two years, U.S. agents have executed a raid on the Gibson guitar plant in Nashville, citing concerns that the guitar company is using illegal wood*. Whereas last time it was over wood from Madagascar, apparently this giant bust involves wood from India. Apparently the U.S. is acting on a law in India that says that any tree cut down needs to have its wood finished in India for it to be legal for sale (this is seriously a real law). This is obviously not a law in the U.S., but the U.S. went ahead and seized the wood anyway, apparently because we have nothing more pressing going on than enforcing strange wood laws from India. 

    Gibson is obviously all, F the Government on this one, but there’s an interesting breakdown of their responses to the government raids over at this political blog. I guess you could see this as government overstepping its role? Or at least a bunch of Fender fans fighting back. 

    *- Do you realize the restraint you need to not used a boner joke here?