Gossip Offer Music for Men

    Swamp punks-cum-disco divas the


    have announced that their soon-to-be-released album will be called

    Music for Men

    . Beth Ditto and Co., who garnered healthy name and dancefloor recognition following 2006’s

    Standing in the Way of Control

    , will drop their third long player — and their first on a major — June 22. In an interview with NME, Ditto claims there’s a lot on the new record that’s heartfelt:


    "There’s a shit-load of love songs in there," said Ditto. "Writing down the tracklisting, we had about 14 songs and seven had the world "love" in the title. I had no idea I was so romantic."


    Superproducer Rick Rubin apparently worked on the record, which was recorded in Malibu. 


    fans can hear the first single off the album,

    Heavy Cross

    , June 15. [