Gorillaz Very Not Interested In Being On Glee

    Haters of Musical Theater finally have a reason to smile again in the post-Glee era: Damon Albarn and his “cartoon band,” Gorillaz, have decided they’d rather not have any parts of the show. When asked by the Associated Press if he’d allow the cast of Glee to cover his songs, Albarn said neither he nor his music would be involved in the zeitgeist:


    “We wouldn’t let that happen. And not that they’ve asked us because they haven’t, and now they definitely won’t.”


    Glee, now in its second season, has become a Big Show that involves Big Stars including Madonna, The Rolling Stones, Lady Gaga, John Lennon and Paul McCartney – who actually asked that his songs be featured on the show. Recently, the Glee cast surpassed the Beatles for most appearances on the Billboard Hot 100 Chart, an idea about which Albarn also had a few thoughts:


    “Those songs won’t last like the Beatles by any stretch of their imagination,” said Albarn. “They’ll be forgotten in a few years’ time.”


    He also called Glee’s cover efforts “”a very poor substitute for the real thing.”


    In related news, other bands who have turned down Glee include Coldplay, Bryan Adams and Kings of Leon.


    Perhaps more notable is that the far longer list of artists reportedly in talks not only to their have music featured, but also to make a cameo on the show, includes Bruce Springsteen. [Billboard]