Gorillaz Pick “On Melancholy Hill” As Second ‘Stylo’ Single

    Gorillaz have elected the strummy, la-la-laden sing-a-long “On Melancholy Hill” to be the second single off Plastic Beach. Although infectious reggae-lite track “Superfast Jellyfish,” which features Super Furry AnimalsGruff Rhys as well as longtime Gorillaz collaborators De La Soul, was originally slated as the follow-up single to “Stylo,” Gorillaz is apologizing for the switcheroo by releasing a tiny buttload of remixes as a download bundle on iTunes. The package includes “On Melancholy Hill” in m4a and video forms, along with Japanese Popstar and She Is Danger remixes of the track. Bonus: another “Stylo” remix, this time from Labyrinth and featuring Tinie Tempah. The bundle won’t hit (digital) stores until July 26, but keep an eye out for that “On Melancholy Hill” vid, which should appear online sometime tomorrow and is directed by Jamie Hewlett, Damon Albarn‘s partner-in-crime for all things Gorillaz. [via NME]