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Gorillaz Accused Of Stealing "Stylo" From Eddy Grant

Another week, another plagiarism scandal: Underground club artist Eddy Grant has claimed via the Internet that Gorillaz took significant portions of his song, "Time Warp" to make "Stylo" without giving him credit. The way the notes ascend here is pretty similar, but they are slightly different in tone. Grant might have a case, since this is pretty similar to the Joe Satriani/Coldplay case in terms of songs sounding similar. Grant's song is below, you can listen to "Stylo" right over here.


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I just slowed Time Warp down to match the beat of Stylo on my computer, to compare the two songs (I suggest others do the same, it is easy to do). They are similar, but not the same. Eddy Grant has no case.


This is becoming the stamp of this blip in time: "Everyone has a song that was ripped off."

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no case. sorry Eddy.


Eddy DOES have a case. The synth line which starts at :15 for Time Warp and :40 for Stylo is a rip-off.


Yeah...Eddy, just drop it. You can't sue animated characters anyway.


i agree, he needs to drop it they sound the same but they are not (a lot of songs are like that)


Well, the perfectly match up without pitch shifting ! Hear this:


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