Gordon Brown Courts Youth Vote In Britain By Praising Lady Gaga and 6 Music

    There’s a general election in the U.K. in May, and Gordon Brown is following in his predecessor’s footsteps and courting stars from the music industry in an attempt to capture the youth vote. Among his targets are the soon-to-be shuttered radio station 6 Music, and Lady Gaga, whom he heaped praise upon.


    “[I] think, personally, that the BBC should not have succumbed to pressure to cut certain things – but they have,” he said, in relation to 6 Music. He was also asked whether he backed the campaign to save the station: “Yes because it’s the next stage you worry about,” he replied.


    According to the Guardian, Brown also claimed “he was a fan of the ‘brilliant’ U.S. musical drama Glee, preferred Friends to The West Wing, and chose Lady Gaga over Madonna.” His desperate grab for the youth vote doesn’t end there—the Prime Minister also revealed that he asked Simon Cowell to help him out with his national policy forum, but the American Idol judge was too busy. Yes, Simon Cowell almost just took one step closer to being in a position of unthinkable power. Yikes.