Google Releases Digital Synth Tribute To Robert Moog


    On Wednesday Robert Moog, synthesizer pioneer and inventor of the eponymous Moog synth, would have been 78. To commemorate his birthday Google will post another musical Google Doodle, but instead of a guitar, this time it’s a playable synthesizer. And luckily, it’s already Wednesday in Austraila! 

    The digital synth is actually really easy to use: you can play the keyboard keys with your computer’s keyboard, and adjust the oscillator, filter and envelope with your mouse. The Doodle even has a four track recorder so you can layer your sounds too. Mashable reports that Google+ will also allow users to share sounds they’ve made.

    Come Thursday if you still haven’t satisfied your virtual synthesizer urges, the Ashville, NC-based Moog company recently released a pretty awesome iOS synthesizer called Animoog