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Google Throws Up Its Arms In Frustration At Major Labels

Every since Amazon launched its cloud-based music service, it seems like both Apple and Google have felt additional pressure to launch their own. Which may be a good thing, since Apple has been sitting on their acquisition of the original badass cloud-based service Lala for like a year now. Google in particular has been in intense talks with the major labels, but according to a report from Hypebot, those talks have cooled due to Google's frustration with the majors.


Google has hoped they could launch a cloud service for Google Music that would allow around 500 songs to be stored for free, something that the majors-- specifically Warner Music Group, according to reports-- have been loathe to agree to. Apparently, WMG's head of digital, Michael Nash, has suggested a $30 minimum charge per year for any amount of music. Which shouldn't be surprising, I guess, but I was shocked with Amazon's pricing model. The idea that the majors think Amazon is undercharging makes me a sad panda. [Hypebot]

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