Google Throws Up Its Arms In Frustration At Major Labels

    Every since Amazon launched its cloud-based music service, it seems like both Apple and Google have felt additional pressure to launch their own. Which may be a good thing, since Apple has been sitting on their acquisition of the original badass cloud-based service Lala for like a year now. Google in particular has been in intense talks with the major labels, but according to a report from Hypebot, those talks have cooled due to Google’s frustration with the majors.


    Google has hoped they could launch a cloud service for Google Music that would allow around 500 songs to be stored for free, something that the majors– specifically Warner Music Group, according to reports– have been loathe to agree to. Apparently, WMG’s head of digital, Michael Nash, has suggested a $30 minimum charge per year for any amount of music. Which shouldn’t be surprising, I guess, but I was shocked with Amazon’s pricing model. The idea that the majors think Amazon is undercharging makes me a sad panda. [Hypebot]