Google Music Struggling, Losing Users Weekly

    Google Music had a lot of hype surrounding its launch this past November. But as we all know, all the press and promotion in the world doesn’t necessarily equate to a product doing well. According to CNET, Google Music isn’t doing that well. At all. Managers at the company are apparently telling their “counterparts at the labels that customer adoption and revenue are below what they expected.” And tech reporter Wayne Rosso has indicated that it’s all much worse than that as sources told him Google Music is losing users every week. This could result in the whole thing being shutdown? That’s the word according to Rosso:

    Evidently some label execs are very concerned that things are so bad at Google Music that the mothership might just decide to pull the plug on the whole service, except for the geniuses at Warner Music who have refused to license it. The thinking is that the industry needs for Google Music to be successful so that the whole sector prospers. A failure of Google Music would be perceived as a setback and, of course, a loss of much-needed revenue for the labels.