Google Music Is Now Live

    After launching its beta phase earlier this year, Google’s cloud-based music service, Google Music, is now live for everyone to use. And as we reported yesterday, there is still one major label left out of the equation as Warner Music Group is yet to sign on. That leaves out a huge number of artists from the service, of course, so it will be very interesting to see how things move forward in relation to Warner. 

    Equally intriguing is how Google Music will fare in general, as Google is coming in somewhat late to the game when you consider other similar cloud-based services already exist. Along the same lines, this just might be the boost that the company’s social network, Google+, needs to regain some interest. Like Facebook’s integration of Spotify, you will be able to see what your Google+ friends are listening to and share music with them directly. In addition, you can purchase and stream millions of songs on Google’s Android Market, which is also directly linked to the music service.

    You can learn more about Google Music by watching the introductory video below or by heading over the site itself and signing up.