Google Music In China?

    As previously reported, Google and Apple have been competing in a public race to develop an effective Cloud-based music service. In the most recent development, Computerworld reports on what appears to be an iteration of Google Music, the company’s likely Cloud-based music service, available in China. Above is a screenshot of the page in question. No further details are currently available.

    This latest development foreshadows several major developments to look out for in the second half of 2010. CNN’s Fortune Tech blog says Google’s new OS Android 3.0, or “Gingerbread,” and Google Music will launch in Fall or Winter 2010. And TechCrunch reported Apple gave the green light to offer the subscription-based MOG streaming music service application; the app should be available to iPhone users in the coming weeks.

    And for those wondering, “A cloud of what-was-that-now?” check out the first four paragraphs of the Wikipedia entry and PC World’s quasi-FAQ.