Gonjasufi Dropping Mini-Album, ‘MU.ZZ.LE,’ In January

    Did you download Gonjasufi’s recently released free EP, The Ninth Inning, only to be left wanting more? Well, if that’s the case then you’ll be happy to know that he is prepping a new mini-album, MU.ZZ.LE, for Warp that’s set to drop Jan. 24, 2012. It’s a self-produced affair containing 10 new tracks from the L.A.lien, whose last proper effort was March 2010’s excellent A Sufi and a Killer. On his decision to keep MU.ZZ.LE relatively short, Gonjasufi issed the following statement in a release: “It was me guarding my words and my tongue. These words are less but I feel like I’m saying more.” Sounds good to me. You can view the track listing below. [Pitchfork]

    1. White Picket Fence
    2. Feedin’ Birds
    3. Nikels and Dimes
    4. Rubberband
    5. Venom
    6. Timeout
    7. Skin
    8. The Blame
    9. Blaksuit
    10. Sniffin’