‘Godzilla’ 3-D Reboot Hitting Theaters May 2014

    Warner Bros and Legendary Pictures are set to reboot the Godzilla franchise, this time in 3-D.

    Deadline reports that Warner Bros is aiming for a May 16, 2014 release date for the 3-D reboot. The film is directed by Gareth Edwards (Monsters) and being produced with Toho, the original rights owner of the iconic movie monster. Warner Bros will handle worldwide distribution, except for Japan, where Toho will be releasing it.

    According to the report, Legendary Films has been developing the project with hopes that it “will return the character to its epic roots with a gritty, realistic actioner,” which will not surprise anyone who’s noticed that every post-Batman Begins reboot seems to be described as “gritty.” The script will be written by David Callaham (The Expendables), David S. Goyer (The Dark Knight) and Max Borenstein (The Seventh Son). Early responses to the film’s announcement at the San Diego Comic-Con was positive, so here’s hoping it doesn’t turn out as bad as the last time Godzilla got a Hollywood makeover.