GNR’s Duff McKagan becomes financial columnist

    Seriously, can you imagine if NOW YOU went back in time to visit 1990 YOU to inform yourself (along with a bunch of other info from the future, we’re guessing) that Duff McKagan would be a financial columnist for a national publication in 2009? Wouldn’t 1990 YOU imagine that a future in which Duff McKagan could be considered the sage dispenser of any kind of advice, much less financial counsel, would have to be one in which banks are collapsing, the economy is in the shitter and entire countries – like, I dunno, say, Iceland – are going bankrupt?


    I guess technically you’d be right about the conditions in this imagined future, but you’d probably be wrong about 2009 McKagan. Already a columnist for Seattle Weekly, McKagan describes his current life as “just kind of simple and book-filled.” And it turns out that after GNR he went to business school, appeared on PBS’s Frontline to talk finance in the music industry and got into reading about Adam Smith (!). His new financial column will appear on, and he seems nothing if not completely earnest about his intentions: “Part of my mission statement…may be to perhaps try and shed some light and maybe even bring down some of the criminals on Wall St. Wouldn’t that be cool? Maybe be a voice for the people – one that can’t be bought (well, no one has ever actually tried to bribe me, but I’ll let you know if they do!).”


    I’m betting that this will actually turn out to be an interesting experiment. Anyway, for more, see McKagan’s column latest Reverb column. [Seattle Weekly]