Glenn Danzig To Host Headbanger’s Ball

    Black-clad father of all things dark Glenn Danzig is set to host MTV’s Headbanger’s Ball on Nov. 1. This is notable for a number of reasons.


    1. When’s the last time Glenn Danzig was on television? The last time the words “Danzig” and “television” were mentioned in the same breath, it was when that rumor sprouted that he was replacing Bret Michaels on VH1’s Rock of Love.*


    2. This dude has been getting horrible press lately. Between the brawling and the grocery shopping in his own band shirt, Glenn has been getting roasted by the internets. It’s good to see him getting back to what he does best.


    3. Headbanger’s Ball is still on? After dying a slow and agonizing death in the mid ’90s, the show was revived in 2003 with Hatebreed lead singer Jamey Jasta as its host, costing on the renewed prominence and creativity of a new generation of metal bands. The revived series spawned three compilations that each did reasonably well on the charts. MTV’s interest in the show has clearly petered out, though. It has been moved from a weekly two-hour slot in Saturday nights at 11 pm to its current home on random Tuesday nights at 3 am, which is the hospice care of television time slots.


    Glenn’s episode of Headbanger’s Ball airs Nov. 1 at 3 am. His namesake band, Danzig, is currently on tour in support of its latest album, Deth Red Sabaoth.



    * This totally should have happened.