Glasvegas announce track listing, release date for debut album

    When the British music press gets a hold of the band, they go all out like no one’s business. Witness the Strokes, Franz Ferdinand, Art Brut, the Arctic Monkeys, and countless others. The latest band that’s got the Brits’ knickers in a bunch Glasvegas, a cheeky name for a band from Glagow, Scotland. Fresh off successful demos of songs such as "Geraldine" and "Daddy’s Gone", the band has announced that their self-titled debut will hit the market September 8. The track listing is as follows:


    01 "Flowers And Football Tops"

    02 "Geraldine"

    03 "It’s My Own Cheating Heart That Makes Me Cry"

    04 "Lonesome Swan"

    05 "Go Square Go" ‘Polmont On My Mind’
    06 "Daddy’s Gone"

    07 "’Stabbed"

    08 "’S.A.D. Light"

    09 "Ice Cream Van"


    The "Daddy’s Gone" single will be officially released August 24, with a cover of Nirvana’s "Come As You Are" as a B-side.


    The hype can be a blessing or a curse, and it’s always unpredictable how successful the new "it" band will be Stateside. Previous material sounds equal parts Muse and Killers, so it could go either way.