Giveaway: Rocketfish – Wireless Audio System



    We have another great Prefix to announce. Starting today, enter to win a Rocketfish Wireless Starter Kit.


    The Wireless Starter Kit allows you to watch your favorite movies, DVDs or concerts in 5.1 or 7.1 surround sound with your favorite speakers wirelessly.

    To enter the contest:


    One lucky registered Prefix user will be selected at random.


    More on Rocketfish with Rocketboost Starter Kit:
    Get rid of the pesky wires running to your rear speakers. Connect the sender to your AV receiver and the receiver to your rear speakers and unleash your movies. Compatible with any AV receiver or speakers that use Speaker wire, with 3.5mm and stereo RCA; features Rocketboost wireless technology; includes remote.


    About Rocketfish:

    Rocketfish launched a new line of audio products on Sunday, Oct. 18 featuring Rocketboost wireless expandable audio technology that can be used to do a few things: remove wires from your surround sound experience, get music from your PC or computer around your home or get music outside.

    Rocketfish with Rocketboost wireless technology is an affordable connected solution available exclusively at Best Buy. Products range in price from $60 to $200.

    Rocketboost wireless technology utilizes digital audio, so customers will not hear any static or pops like traditional analog solutions. It allows consumers to easily expand their listening experience throughout their entire home – and even outside to a patio or deck, without the hassle of wires or drilling holes into the walls.


    The Rocketfish with Rocketboost digital audio product line is made up of four products: a Wireless Amplified Audio Receiver, a Wireless Sender/Receiver, a Wireless Outdoor Speaker and a Wireless HD Audio Starter Kit. Used together, they send up to six sources to nine receivers, streaming sound wirelessly throughout the home.

    Since the Rocketfish products connect using standard audio connections such as Speaker wire or 3.5mm, it can work with almost any brand and equipment consumers already have at home.

    • Best Buy listened to its employees’ and customers’ feedback from a previous product the RF-WHTIB wireless rear speaker kit and used these insights to develop in a broad range of quality, connected solutions in Rocketfish products – all at a great value.
    • The Rocketboost wireless technology will work up to a 164 feet line of sight. It can go through walls and ceilings but the material and number of walls and ceilings you go through will affect the overall range.
    • The Rocketboost wireless technology sends through uncompressed audio, which means the music will sound just as good as if it was wired. Audio quality is important, especially if you just upgraded to Blu-ray.

    Visit the website for more information.