Girl Talk Shoots For New Album By End Of Year

    Greg Gillis, the man behind Girl Talk, is the king of mash-up, for two reasons in particular, that sound pretty contradictory on first glance. The first is how spastic his his song selection is, with few samples passing over the twenty second mark. The second is how meticulous the man is at his craft, as he’ll mix up three, four, or even five songs at a time, without ever sounding over stuffed. Which is why every one of my house parties still rocks 2008’s Feed The Animals.


    Thankfully for all my party guests, Girl Talk has been hard at work on new material, according to an interview with Pitchfork. Clocking in at over an hour long, the new record features samples from Soulja Boy, Nicki Minaj, Fugazi, Aphex Twin and Rick Ross, according to the man himself. Gillis also talks about live shows versus records in mash-up and possibly being sued, but the real big news is the fact that he’s aiming on releasing the new, as-yet untitled record, by the end of the year, just in time to fuck up your year-end lists. [Pitchfork]