Track Review: Girl Talk – “Let’s Run This”

    Pitchfork reported that earlier this week, Illegal Art, label home of pioneering DJ Girl Talk, released a free four track compilation over the net. The compilation included a new track courtesy of Girl Talk himself, entitled ””Let”’s Run This.””
    ””Let”’s Run This”” demonstrates Girl Talk’s knack for chopping, warping, and layering sounds to create a sort of rhythmic cohesion. Tracks are bent and cut, and eventually forced to become part of a greater whole, which here seems to be a much more fast paced dance track than any of the tracks sampled in its creation. Still, for those fans who enjoyed Night Ripper, where Girl Talk”’s sonic schizophrenia was tamed to create music that could be innovative, beautiful, and easily enjoyable at the same time, the return to the blips and rapid shifts of Unstoppable may seem a bit jarring. Certainly a worthwhile effort, but let”’s hope it”’s just a brief visit to old stomping grounds and not a permanent return to the old neighborhood.
    Download the Illegal Art sampler here.