Giorgio Moroder Drops Disco Rarities On Soundcloud

    Giorgio Moroder was one of the premier kingpins of dance music, giving us such classic hits as Donna Summer’s “I Feel Love” and Berlin’s “Take My Breath Away.” Now the Italian producer is giving us even more goodies in the form of two giant Soundcloud accounts.

    Three weeks ago, Moroder dropped a new song called “Giorgio’s New Dancing Shoes,” and since then the flood gates have opened. He’s actually had to open a second Soundcloud account, presumably because he maxed out his first one, and now both feature a number of rarities from his disco era. Included is a version of “I Feel Love” designed for sampling; the full, 13-minute version of “Chase,” which he won an Academy Award for when it was used in the 1978 film Midnight Express; a 16-minute version of the Battlestar Galactica theme; an alternate version of his 1977 song “From Here To Eternity”; and much, much more. Many are also available for download for a limited time.

    Below, we’ve handpicked a few songs to listen to, but head here and here to find a treasure-trove of disco-related goodness. [Spin]